Virtual Environment

Virtual environment

We are constantly working to improve and optimize the virtual environment to be able to work with a large number of visualizers and equipment.

The Interpolymech consortium welcomes the Research Laboratory of Augmented/Virtual Reality and Game Development (Digital Media Lab or DML) of the Higher Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (HI ITIS) of Kazan Federal University. DML is a unique digital-center with a wide variety of development areas. You can read about some of them below.

Computer game

    • Serious games development
    • Mobile games development
    • Computer graphics for game proccesses
    • Game design development
    • Character animation
    • Narrative for games
    • Node-based editor for visual programming of NPC behavior
    • Artificial Intelligence programming for Games

Dynamic trainers

    • Content creation for the Mauritania level for the Kamaz-Dakar exercise machine.
    • Technology for creating applications with full immersion.
    • Other 3D simulators.

Cultural and
historical virtual

    • Imenkovsky settlement of the 7th century, near the town of Tetyushi
    • Great Bulgarian. XIV century
    • Island-city Sviyazhsk
    • Chudov and Ascension Monastery in the Moscow Kremlin
    • Visualization of the symbolism of Kazan University: secrets, methods, technologies
    • Volga Fur Way – as part of the Silk Road

museum exhibits

    • Kazan Panorama – interactive museum of Kazan
    • Museum of Wooden Architecture – Sviyazhsk Island
    • Project of the Lobachevsky Museum in the Kazan Federal University

Process simulation

    • Simulation ground for emergency situations.
    • Virtual laboratory of biotechnological processes.
    • Node-based editor for visual programming of virtual laboratory scripts.


    • Hardware and software systems for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of neurological patients:
    • A set of virtual open surgical operations.


    • 360 ° full dome interactive movies
    • “Lively” photos


    • Interactive 3D-projects of architectural structures.
    • Architectural interiors with immersion in virtual reality.
    • Cross-platform SaaS 3D visualization tools in public planning of the architectural environment.