The director of the ITIS Higher School participated in Science Slam Kazan 2020

February 15 Science Slam was held in Kazan. Six young scientists presented their 10-minute scientific stand-ups. Among them was the director of the ITIS Higher School, Mikhail Abramsky. He made a presentation entitled “Data Based Management – A Lifebuoy for Universities in the Digital Age,” in which he touched on the current topic of using scientific approaches to digitalize the educational process.

The winner on the slam was chosen by the audience themselves, the volume and duration of the applause were evaluated. The professor of the Department of Fundamental Principles of Clinical Medicine IFMIB KFU Alexander Granitsa won the scientific battle. It is worth noting that this event was a real celebration of science, more than 200 spectators from completely different fields did not let go of the slamers for a long time, applauded and asked questions.



“The impressions of the event are cosmic! I really enjoyed all the reports and I am very glad that all participating slamers are employees of KFU,” Mikhail Abramsky shared.

“I would never have thought that I would listen with equal interest to reports on the autophagy process, on data analysis, on the interaction of cinema and literature, on the history of art and on the ideal biological model – a nematode. Not everyone can explain complex things in an accessible language, but slamers really made it! ” – Aliya Badigova, a student at ITIS, shared her impressions.