LM-ROBO Hardware Control Platform

LM-ROBO hardware control platform

An embeddable platform for local or remote device management with a graphical interface.  LM-ROBO  allows to control any automated equipment or groups of devices, machines, robots, multimedia or virtually any electromechanical device.

We can supply device user control and programming with built-in display board and provide remote control via Web interface, Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) or Augmented Reality (AR).

Platform advantages

Higher performance. Easy to use.

Multilingual intuitive graphic and interactive VR, MR, AR interface.

Onboard and remote control via network or Web.

Interface is adaptable to equipment functional logic.

The ability to link and control multiple devices on the network.

Large choice of Interfaces and their options. Each interface is easily extendable.

Cross-platform software system made to work in multiple environments.

Use of platform


CNC machines. classical industrial and semiprofessional machines.

Robot building

Autonomous and semi-autonomous robots, manipulators, mobile platforms in warehouses, vacuum cleaners.


Laser and optical projectors, video walls, custom visual designs

Smart home systems

House (part of the house) control panel, a remote control unit.

Simulation and training systems

Equipped with virtual panels / VR / electromechanical panels.

Ministry of Defense, EMERCOM

Remote control units in protected enclosures.

Housing systems

Simulation of process control panels with the possibility of training and control.

Synchronized operation systems

A group of agricultural devices, a group of storage devices, a farm with similar machines.


Autonomous stands for working off or taking technical indicators (inspection of equipment with internal combustion engines)

Road network infrastructure

Traffic light control, weight control, payment control.

Water transport

Navigation and multimedia equipment in the management of yachts, boats.


Support for scanners, barcodes and POS-terminals.