LM-EDU VR MR AR Interactive Professional Training Platform

Lambda-Mu Education (LM-EDU)

A simulation platform for integrated learning in mixed reality, preserving knowledge and visualizing processes. Allows you to prepare personnel for operation and repair for critical, complex and unique objects. Based on the Lambda-Mu cross-platform system.

Solutions based on LM-EDU are used in leading industrial organizations and defense industry enterprises, including enterprises of Rostec State Corporation.

Benefits of online learning

Interactive learning is an integral part of the Digital Workplace in order to implement the Digital Economy program in the framework of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Costs saving

Tenfold difference in the cost of real equipment in demo mode and simulator. Reduced travel expenses. Simultaneous training of large groups.

Time saving

Flexibility in time and place of study. Remote interaction with teacher available. Predicted regular automated recertification.

Risk reduction

Organization of regular training and retraining. Modeling of actions in emergency situations. Objective monitoring and analysis of listeners’ actions, identification of bottlenecks.

Higher learning quality

High engagement through interactive engagement. Development of motor skills. Safe, but clear practice in hazardous and/or emergency situations.

Training formats

3D Interaction Combined with Virtual Reality (VR)

Full 3D scene on the computer, in single and multi-monitor configurations. Works with any peripheral equipment. Perfect for teaching complex technique and spatial orientation.

Interactive visualization of 3D scenes in a browser using WebGL technology

On the screen of a computer, tablet or smartphone. The format is optimal for the initial schematic study of a subject without reference to a place of study.

Virtual and Augmented (AR) reality with full immersion and the use of additional equipment:

Provides high involvement and quality perception of the material. Reduces training time. Optimal for modeling various situations.

Mixed Reality (MR) – Interaction of a student with a physical prototype of real equipment in a virtual space environment

An ideal environment for developing motor skills, protocol automatic actions  in emergency situations. Perfect for machine operators, machinery, as well as any equipment.

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