IT Way.Kzn conference

Last week, the fourth IT Way.Kzn conference was held at the Higher Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (HI ITIS) of Kazan Federal University. Speakers talked about metaprogramming, design, prototyping automation and the connection between science and IT. Students of KFU also spoke at the conference: Alexei Leukhin, laboratory researcher at the OpenLab Research Laboratory of Neurobiology at KFU, and Sakhibgareeva Gulnara, the narrative designer of Digital Media Lab.

“This is not the first time ITIS has provided a venue for such events, and this cannot but rejoice! It’s cool when there is an opportunity for speakers to share their knowledge with other people from different universities and fields of activity. So, we all can learn something new or make useful contacts. The next events will be held online. Let’s combine business with pleasure!” – shared Alexei Leukhin.