InterPolyMech acquires software licenses

InterPolyMech has assembled a wonderful team with vast experience in creating software solutions of various levels. We keep up to date and are constantly looking for new areas of development. In order to expand our capabilities, the company acquired ten licenses for software developed by experts of Innopolis University:

  • A program for providing complex scenarios for robot/environment and robot/human interaction.
  • A control system for a mobile robotic platform with a differential drive.
  • A system for comparing maps obtained using various mapping algorithms with reference maps.
  • Virtual car driving environment, taking into account its dynamics and various road conditions.
  • Software package for testing a truck in a virtual environment.
  • Software package for modeling autonomous moving objects.
  • The program for constructing a geometric path in a point of mixed reality.
  • A program for constructing support trajectories of a bipedal walking robot using virtual connections.
  • Geometric path conversion program for interactive programming systems for robotic manipulators.
  • A program for scaling and changing the path of movement of a robotic system.