Multi Functional Device MFD Mobius IPM

Multi Functional Device Mobius IPM

Additive workshop on your table to perform Laser scanning, 3D FDM printing, Cutting, Curving and Finishing. Original device construction coupled with our inhouse Lambda-Mu ROBO control software is granting versatile manufacturing capability and highest production quality.

MDF Mobius IPM is a natural solution for engineering and development of products or models of any shape. Builtin 3D FDM printer is good for all known plastics.


Compact multipurpose desktop device for prototyping production and labeling.

Controlled via our own LM-ROBO control software via integrated graphic interface.

Friendly to upgrades and user modifications.

Coming along in several modifications, including a Super-precise version.

Easy to maintain because all its parts are broadly available.

Perfect for schools, colleges, design bureaus, small to medium production facilities.


Curving and processing

Processing of light materials: wood, plastic; soft metals and alloys: aluminum, brass. Possibility to install various processing equipment. 4-axis material processing.

Cutting light materials: leather, balsa, foam, paper.

Laser engraving on wood, leather, plastic, aluminum.

3D printing. Scanning and measurement

3D printing by plastic using FDM technology.

Can print with the following plastics: PLA; ABS; PA (polyamide, nylon, nylon plus).

Measurement and scanning: 3D laser scanning and measurement functions.


  • Step: X (700 mm), Y (450 mm), Z (230 mm)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.025 mm
  • Maximum speed: 25 mm / s
  • NEMA 23 stepper motors with digital drivers
  • Onboard and remote control
  • Independent controller
  • Standard G-code commands supported