Imprinta FDM 3D Printers

Imprinta FDM 3D Printers

Our consortium is a technology partner and authorised dealer of Imprinta.

Imprinta is launching a new printer with LM-ROBO control and graphics interface. We are looking forward to seeing you within our customers.

Imprinta 3D Printers Range

Hercules printers are not inferior to many foreign counterparts. Imprinta opens its own metal processing and powder painting. This means that now we make carriages, guides, nozzles and other parts on our own, completely controlling the quality of the product.

Hercules Strong

Big printer for big tasks. Makes large-scale items from technical, composite and flexible materials using a large working field and a reliable productive extruder.

Hercules Strong Duo

Uses two different materials at the same time. Automatically calibrated, controls the flow of plastic. New electronics and mechanics make printing accurate and silent.


A compact variant of Hercules. Quickly prints small items from any material with a 15 microns layer. Ideal for home or office: takes up less space than an office printer. Very easy to handle.