GameDev Kazan 2020

The largest game development conference in Kazan was held on February 29 with the participation of the Higher Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (HI ITIS).

GameDev, the largest game development conference in Kazan, was first held in April last year. Both students, who are just starting their way in game development, and experienced developers were invited to participate.

The reports on programming, game design, management and publishing took place in two streams. These include Immersive Game Mechanics, Bad Game Design, Myths and Legends about Game Development, and Data-driven Game Design. Also during the event, it was possible to participate in round tables and present your game as part of an indie showcase.

The main goal of the conference is to develop and strengthen the community of game developers in Kazan, to create fertile ground for the development of new ideas and projects, for the exchange of experience and knowledge.

Some ITIS students are already familiar with Murad Hafizov, Technical Director of Digital Media Lab and an employee of the SIM research laboratory. He shared with us his thoughts about the conference:

“It is very good that such events are held in Kazan, it really“ shakes ”the gamedev world. People in the Kazan community, unfortunately, are quite divided, such a union is necessary for growth. So far, we do not have such a large-scale community as in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but everything is ahead. It was nice to see speaker stars of not only federal, but also world-wide magnitude. For example, Gdcuffs and Narratorica are loved by the whole community, they play an important role in the development of gamedev in the world. We were already familiar with many companies, and this event was a good occasion to meet.”

One of the speakers at the conference, Anton Bravin, spoke about his experience:

“When I was a student, we didn’t have anything even close. We were wondering if our profession would give us a chance to earn a living, or we would just repair printers and sell laptops in stores. Therefore, I was very glad that so many interested people came, and some of them even showed their games between the reports. Someone may already have found a job for themselves, or just recharged with energy and good mood!”


Source of information: Rimma Nurieva (ITIS media)