Become our Investor

Become our investor

The Interpolymeh Consortium is developing unparalleled software, hardware and key ready equipment in Russia.

Entering new fields of business require investment, so the consortium welcomes mutually beneficial cooperation and invites parties interested in investing into R&D and Production of the consortium.

What areas
require investment?

3D printers R&D and production

Additive technologies have a high growth potential as demand for this product is increasing. Quality supply, capable of providing medium to high industrial production volumes, is severely limited.

Investing into the production of 3D printers is an opportunity to take a vacant market share in Russian and World markets, raising consumer awareness, and position our printers within the market of major global suppliers.

Expansion of the line of related products

The consortium plans to expand the line of related extension products: powder sorting devices, which allow the reuse of unused powder (we plan to build an ultrasonic module, which will significantly increase the efficiency of the powder processing).

We are developing new powder of 4-10 W/m K thermal conductivity, specific electric resistance of 1012 cm/cm and 10 kV/mm electrical strength, which will expand printing capabilities of Mobius 3D printers and help it enter new industrial markets.

Consortium’s strategy for winning the market

  • It is in our strategic plan to establish higher market position by attracting new clients, offering favorable sales conditions and monitoring competitors.
  • The consortium is implementing a strategy of continuous product development and expansion of spare parts and materials. Thus, the nearest launch of the Mobius SLS 3D printer with bigger print chamber, extending modules and improved performance will be the third printer generation in our portfolio..
  • This development is truly innovative and strongly competitive offering the best combination of quality per price.
  • The next step is to enter the international market. As of the first step we have established  an international partnership to help us break into the World market.

How to become our investor

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