Documentation Digitization

Documentation Digitization

Transforming knowledge into user-friendly electronic form is a key element of economic activity in the digital world. Digitization of data base and creation of a single electronic catalog allow the customer to turn data into an asset that can be used to improve processes and production, to exchange between enterprises to increase expertise as well as be transferred to customers along with technically sophisticated equipment.

Benefits of using the digital data

  • Easy and trusted access to information, propping of decision making.
  • Long-term storage and quick access to documentation.
  • Network exchange between departments and organisations.
  • Data visualisation.
  • Design support via 3D models and element library.
  • Digital modeling and digital prototyping.
  • Supply of relevant data to the contracting and along with the equipment.

The process of creating a digital knowledge base

Our design of electronic documentation and processing of paper-based archives is compliant with ASD S1000D and GOST 18675-2012..


Paper archive scanning

Cataloging and tagging of digital archive

Creating library of 3D models out of parts and elements

Building a knowledge base of visual technology procedures



Creation of a knowledge base on technical processes in construction, training of specialists in the management and repair of equipment.


Digitization of documents for the operation and repair of critical, complex and unique power generating facilities. Quick access to the data required can save life and ecology.


Knowledge exchange within the framework of production cooperation, storage and data transfer throughout the entire chain of production.


Large volume of paper documentation is a problem familiar to many companies. Creating an electronic archive will seriously save time and make it easier to work with archives of any size.


Electronic museum archive can become a universal resource of knowledge, providing visitors with dynamic content in modern forms (3D, VR, MR, AR).