Conference “Cifra-M-2020”

On March 19-20, the II annual scientific and practical conference “Transformation of the production system of a machine-building enterprise on the basis of best management practices and digital technologies (CIFRA-M-2020)” was held in Moscow.

Invited experts and representatives of leading Russian engineering enterprises, using implemented projects as an example, spoke about practical approaches, methods and tools for improving management efficiency and increasing labor productivity.

The main speakers at the conference were representatives of the following organizations: KB Kuntsevo, KB Gradient ++, KBP im. A.G. Shipunova, SSK Zvezda, RPKB, Tupolev, GC Progresstech, Genesis of Knowledge, InterPolyMech, BMGI Rus, Business Set.

Ivan Podgorny, Technical Director of InterPolyMech, made a presentation “Virtual Reality Technologies (VR / AR / XR) in the professional training of specialists.” The following topics were covered in detail:

  • Prospects for the development of the virtual and mixed reality technology market
  • Maturity of technologies and interest in them among large players
  • Barriers to implementing AR / VR technology
  • Advantages and problems of training specialists in a virtual environment
  • Most popular education solutions in VR / AR / MR / XR
  • “Lambda-Mu3” platform and its application areas

“The Lambda-Mu3 platform, developed by Global-RC (MATsBKT-SEZ) specialists, includes modules for interactive interaction and visualization in virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality (XR). Its advantages are obvious: simplicity and ease of use, the ability to quickly expand functionality, application in any field of activity. Lambda-Mu3 can work both in the Cloud and locally, as embedded software, supports all modern HMD devices and basic 3D visualizers, gives opportunity of quick prototyping devices and solutions “, – said Ivan Podgorny.